Embedded platform to acquire sensor data

Python Web interface to select and import photos, sounds and videos, generalizable to any other data Geo-localized data is displayed on a dynamic map ✓ Python, Linux (Armbian), SQLite while preventing SQL injections, Single Board Computer

Twitter-like service

Developed a client and a server according to the specification ✓ Network system calls, SQLite in C while preventing SQL injections

Gitlab Classroom

Designed the SQLite tables to store required credentials and relations between users Integrated our interface with Gitlab by calling the Gitlab API ✓ Python3 (Flask, SQLAlchemy), SQLite, Gitlab API, HTML/CSS/JavaScript ...


✓ Python3, SQLite, Telegram

Full compiler

Wrote a grammar for the language with ANTLR, constructed the abstract syntax tree (AST) Did semantic analysis on the AST, generated assembly code (function, loops, conditional branches) ✓ Java, ANTLR, formal language theory

Film recommendation system

Generated recommendations based on the history of all users, with a matrix factorization algorithm Integrated it with the GUI and a film database file ✓ GNU Scientific Library in C

Simplified Bitcoin-like Blockchain model

Presented to a jury with a general scientific background, for a highly competitive nation-wide exam ✓ SQLite, Python, Blockchain internals