cljoly/bepo.nvim Github stars for bepo.nvim

Mappings for the bepo layout in Lua, inspired by vim-bepo

It aims to be faster (takes only 0.4ms at startup on my machine, while vim-bepo requires 1.6ms) and more customizable (see :help bepo.nvim-cherry-pick)


Add the plugin cljoly/bepo.nvim to your package manager.

If you don’t have a package manager yet, I use paq.nvim. You can give it a try :).
Look at the installation instructions and then add the following to your config:

require "paq" {
  -- ... other packages

Then restart neovim and run PaqInstall. That will install the bepo.nvim plugin.


Once the plugin is installed, you can add a call to set up the bepo mappings to your config:


You should call the extension early in your init.lua, so that you can erase mappings later (or with other extensions) more easily.

Advanced Usage

You can also apply only some mapping groups:


See the help file for more details and the mappings installed.

Reporting bugs

Thanks for considering reporting a bug!

We want to know if the issue is caused by:

  1. the plugin itself
  2. your user configuration
  3. the system configuration

Please try to reproduce the bug in nvim stripped of your user configuration by running:

nvim --clean -u test/mock_setup.lua

If you can’t reproduce the bug in that “clean” nvim instance, it suggests that the bug comes from an interaction of the plugin with your user configuration. Please feel free to open an issue, mentioning that.